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J.Rocc Receives Black Music Month Award By The City Of Los Angeles

One of the original turntablists and founder of the Beat Junkies, J. Rocc, was honored with the Black Music Moth Award by City Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson on behalf of the City of Los Angeles during a dance party celebration at the Lodge Room. The celebration took place on Friday, June 24 in honor of J. Rocc’s latest album, A Wonderful Letter.

J.Rocc released a full length album, A Wonderful Letter, on June 17th on Stones Throw. The album includes tracks such as “L.A. Anthem,” “The Changing World,” “Dancing With The Best” and more. The 15-track album is J.Rocc’s love letter to the City of Los Angeles, a city that constantly inspires him. The album was celebrated with a special performance by J. Rocc and Peanut Butter Wolf at the Lodge Room a huge dance party.

The dance party kicked-off at 9 o’clock by Xica Soul and Sonrisita. Guests made their way through the dimly lit and fog-filled venue approaching the wooden dance floors to let loose. Many enjoyed drinks from the bar throughout the night as they jammed to the DJ sets.

Close to 11 o’clock, Councilmember Marquee Harris-Dawson took the stage to address the crowd. In a short speech, Harris-Dawson recognized the history of Black Music Month and with protests regarding the overturn of Roe v. Wade nearby reassured the audience that California will remain a state that protects abortion access. With the crowd wildly cheering and applauding the Councilmember presented J. Rocc with the Black Music Month Award. J. Rocc gladly accepted the dedicated the honors to the late Ras G, a record producer and DJ at the heart of the LA music scene.

June officially became Black Music Appreciation Month when it was created by President Jimmy Carter in 1979. Black Music Month continues to be well celebrated by Los Angeles with festivities throughout June for different genres that African Americas have created and inspired.

The dance party with J.Rocc and Peanut Butter Wolf was quite entertaining as people quickly climbed on stage to dance. As some space on the dance floor cleared, guests immediately created a dance circle to show off their moves. With synced strobe lights to J.Rocc’s and Wolf’s outrageous beats and the dance floor illuminated by glistening disco ball, dance battles emerged resulting in killer dance moves, cheering and laughs. Needless to say the dance party was an enjoyable night.

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