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Bruce Dickinson & The House Band Of Hell Bring The Fire To The Whisky A Go Go For First Solo Performance In 22 Years

Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson performed a surprise show last night at the Whisky A Go Go under the pseudonym of The House Band of Hell. The sold-out show brought the energy to Los Angeles with a 15-track set that served as the first warm-up show of the upcoming tour in support of the newly released album, The Mandrake Project, and Dickinson’s first solo performance since 2002. The House Band of Hell returns to the Whisky for a second show tonight, Saturday, April 13.

A long line formed on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood early morning on Friday, April 12 as fans were eager to buy their set of tickets for the surprise show. Dickinson surprised his fans by personally selling his tickets at the box office for Friday’s and Saturday’s shows. Later in the night, those who were able to score tickets for night one formed outside the Whisky’s doors eager to get a good view of the intimate stage. At 8 o’clock the doors opened at the infamous venue sparking disarray as there were two different lines and nearly no one seemed to know what was going on. Despite the initial disorder, things quickly shaped up as the venue began to fill up. As guests awaited for the band of the honor to take the stage, a guest DJ hyped the crowed stating that the first few people who show up to the 52nd anniversary party at for the Rainbow Bar and Grill on Sunday, April 14 with their tickets of Friday’s show would receive free drinks.

At 10 o’clock The House Band of Hell took the stage with about a 90-minute show. The House Band of Hell consists of Dickinson accompanied by bassist Tanya O’Callaghan, drummer Dave Moreno, keyboard maestro Mistheria, and the latest addition of guitarists Philip Näslund and Chris Declercq. The band performed four live debuts from the new solo album The Mandrake Project, including “Afterglow of Ragnarok,” “Many Doors To Hell,” Resurrection Men,” and “Rain On The Graves.” In addition, songs from previous albums were performed live for the first time such as “Abduction” from the 2005 album Tyranny of Souls and “The Alchemist” from the 1998 album The Chemical Wedding. Dickinson also brought back classics such as “Gods of War,” “Jerusalem,” and “Accident of Birth.” The surprises just kept coming as the setlist also included the first live cover of The Edgar Allen Winter Group’s “Frankenstein” with Dickinson replacing the classic synthesizer for a theremin.

From start to finish, Dickinson kept the same level of energy for every song, jumping and dancing trying his best not to bump into the rest of the band or knock anything over on the small stage. Just a few tracks in and the entire venue was sweating, the front row getting Dickinson’s sweat mixed in with their own. Those in the back later got some of that Dickinson sweat as he threw his drenched beanie into the crowd, laughing he then suggested those who would prefer a dry beanie should buy one at the merch booth on the second floor of the venue.

There were very few song introductions, one that stood out was his opening remarks for “Many Doors To Hell.” Dickinson stated, “There’s lots of people here from the music industry here tonight, right. If you could spot them, you know they all have a pointy red tails and little horns. Just like that. Because for all of them, I would say there is a special place and there are many, many doors to hell.”

It was quite obvious just how eager Dickinson was to get back on stage and share this performance with his fans. It’s not every day that a legend such as Dickinson performs a last-minute surprise show at an intimate venue. Needless to say, the atmosphere was electrifying and filled with pure enthusiasm the entire night. The House Band of Hell returns to the Whisky A Go Go tonight. Tickets have sold out. Those who will attend can expect changes in tonight’s setlist.

Bruce Dickinson kicks off The Mandrake Project Tour on Monday, April 15 with another warm-up show at The Observatory in Santa Ana, California. The four-month tour will take the band to Europe, the UK, South America, and more with over 40 shows. For more information on the tour visit here.

Setlist House Band of Hell – Whisky A Go Go Friday, April 12

Accident of Birth

Abduction (Live Debut)

Laughing In The Hiding Bush

Afterglow of Ragnarok (Live Debut)

Chemical Wedding (First Live Performance Since 1999)

Many Doors To Hell (Live Debut)

Tears of the Dragon

Ressurection Men (Live Debut)

Rain of The Graves (Live Debut)

Frankenstein (Cover)

Gods of War (First Live Performance Since 1995)

The Alchemist (Live Debut)

Darkside of Aquarius


Jerusalem (First Live Performance Since 1999)

Road to Hell

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