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Dogstar Returns To The Troubadour With Sold-Out Show For The First Time In Nearly 30 Years

Dogstar returned to Los Angeles for a sold-out hometown show at the Troubadour. It was a double celebration on Thursday, November 30 in West Hollywood’s legendary venue the Troubadour as Dogstar celebrated their new album Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees, and returned to a venue in which they last performed in 1994.

The night kicked off with a high energy performance by Moreno Valley indie-surf band Archer Oh. The DIY band impressed the audience and received tons of praise after the show at their merchandise booth where they held a meet and greet and sold their own merchandise.

Robert Mailhouse, Bret Domrose and Keanu Reeves took the stage at roughly about 9 o’clock. Vocalist Domrose referred to the event as a “family reunion” as the band performed in front of fans, friends and family with an over an hour long show. The set included Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees in its entirety and a few more special tracks. The new record is the band’s first release in 20 years following the 2000 album Happy Ending. The alternative rock band solely focused on their music, not really acknowledging the huge fame attached to the actors within the band. Dogstar also performed new unreleased music that has yet to be recorded such as the single “Shallow Easy.”

Of course there were several Keanu Reeves fans that filled the venue, some were dressed as John Wick from Reeves’ famed role in the John Wick film series, others brought memorabilia and comics in hopes of getting the Hollywood star’s autograph. Reeves seemed to only react to incredibly passionate shouts from the crowd. Domrose did most of the talking between tracks taking a few trips down memory lane. The vocalist recalled joining the band merely a few days before their performance at the Troubadour in 1994, 29 years later they returned to the same venue with new music. The band celebrated with a shot of what appeared to be whiskey. The crowd loudly cheered to encourage Reeves to finish his shot after appearing to be a bit hesitant to drink the liquid. Needless to say it was an incredible night for everyone, enjoying not only the presence of some of their favorite actors but also a night filled with great live music.

Dogstar is currently on tour with several sold-out shows in December. Dogstar and Archer Oh return to California for special show on Sunday, December 31 ringing in the new year. For more information visit

Dogstar Setlist November 30 – The Troubadour:



How the Story Ends

Everything Turns Around



Dillon Street









Lava Lamp


Shallow Easy


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