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Gossip Hosts Social Service Party In LA In Support Of A Transgender Nonprofit

In anticipation of Gossip’s highly awaited studio album, Real Power, out on March 22, the indie rock band hosted a party known as Social Service. The private event took place on Saturday, March 2 at the Zebulon and included special guest Caroline Kingsbury.

Gossip’s private event was initially meant to be a yardcore garden party, but was moved to an in-door venue three days prior of taking place due to predicted weather conditions. Zebulon Cafe Concert was gracious enough to allow the party to take place within their doors. Guests gathered at the cash bar for drinks and bites as both Caroline Kingsbury and Gossip prepped for their live performances.

Social Service is a party with a purpose, aside from all the fun and all, each Social Service party helps raise funds for a charity of choice. Gossip’s Social Service supported The Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, an organization committed to ending discrimination based upon gender identity and expression and to achieving equality for transgender people through public education, direct legal services, public policy efforts, and more. The choice of charity aligns with Gossip’s past philanthropy and activism as the band has been openly supportive of the LGBTQ community. For a $20 donation, attendees were able to receive a complimentary poster.

Roughly around 4 p.m. Caroline Kingsbury took the stage wearing a bright yellow and black polka-dotted two-piece and shiny silver boots, fangirling over a moment she shared with Gossip’s vocalist Beth Ditto. The young artist excitedly mentioned that she and Ditto bonded over eyeliner back stage and Ditto gifted her an eyeliner. “I’m just going to frame this as Beth Ditto’s Eyeliner,” joked Kingsbury. The ’80s obsessed singer-songwriter brings new wave pop back. Kingsbury performed songs such as “Breaking Apart,” “Heaven’s Just A Flight” and a live debut of “Cherry Bubblegum.” She also performed “Hero” dedicated to her brother who passed away from cancer. Kingsbury’s upbeat energy brought the perfect atmosphere to introduce the indie rock band Gossip.

Nearly 20-minutes passed their supposed start time, Gossip walked on stage where Ditto immediately addressed their tardiness, “I was fixing my fucking eyeliner!” Throughout the set Ditto made jokes about having her Marilyn Monroe moment as she accidentally flashed the crowed when her dress was blown up a couple of times due to a stage fan blowing upwards her way. The indie band performed a 10-track setlist with half of the songs originating from their upcoming sixth studio album, Real Power. New lead single “Crazy Again” and title track “Real Power” were both performed from the first batch of new music in 11 years. The band also revisited 2009’s Music For Men with “Heavy Cross” and  “Love Long Distance,” as well as 2012’s A Joyful Noise with “Move in the Right Direction.”

The Portland-based Gossip includes Ditto, Nathan Howdeshell and Hannah Blilie. The band holds a captivating presence all lead by Ditto’s fun-loving personality. However, things took a turn for the worse on stage as Ditto could only remember the lyrics to about four songs on the setlist. “I’d rather be in a band where I forget the lyrics and shit gets fucked up, because we can do whatever we want,” said Ditto mid-set. The bond and freedom of expression every member of the band has is undeniable, but when the lead singer continuously has to ask the group to stop or replay something, it simply kills the vibe. Ditto holds truly phenomenal vocals, but the lack of readiness was purely disrespectful towards fans eager to rock out to Gossip. Even so, the early evening show was still fun as Ditto expressed her charm on stage, barefoot with mic in one hand and e-cigarette in the other.

Gossip is set to kick off their 2024 tour on Friday, March 8 in Manchester, UK. The trio will be back in SoCal with an appearance at Just Like Heaven in Pasadena, CA on Saturday, May 18. For more tour dates visit here.

Gossip Setlist Zebulon March 2, 2024

Act of God

Love Long Distance

Edge of the Sun

Crazy Again

Turn the Card

Move in the Right Direction

Heavy Cross

Peace and Quiet

Standing in the Way of Control

Real Power

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